Thursday, February 15, 2007


Final Exam

My name is John pop in Tumul K'in High School . Today the 15th of February we are having our final Exam on computer based on what is been thaught to us by our teacher Jef Frank.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Ho to speak Mopan

How to speak Mopan.

We I grow up in the mopan maya ethnic group. My parents are also speak mopan Maya. Mostly maya speaking language people are found in Toledo. Our ancestors came from Guatemala they escape from a civil war and they lived or start a first community which is San Antonio when the young people find their wife the move to another place that is why they are found all over Toledo. The Mopan Maya language is a little bit difficult to learn. There are Mayan alphabets. I have some Mayan sentence that I will write that is mostly used in the community for example bi ki I’l lech it means how are you. this word is used in the Mayan community to show respect .

Tub a bakaa’- where are you going.

co’ ox ti sut – lets go and visit. If you see in this sentence x is pronounce as sh .

Mayan words.

Huu’m- book g’aan – String Na _ house tienda_ shop. Masca_machete

If you see here some words are Spanish.

miis-broom che’_ tree Ha’_water china_ orange ch’iich’_ bird lapis_ pencil

pota_ cup arus_ rice wa_ tortilla bu’ ul’_ beans cash_ chicken pato_ duck ik- pepper winik _ Man Ch’up_ woman(lady) baat _ ox ch’uum_ chocho jabon _soap pempem_ butter fly saak’_ grasshopper kab _honey bee chibo _ sheep Wacax _ cow

utzil _poor plato_ pate cuchara _ spoon pol_ head C’u _hand ok_ foot

esqula _ school Shush _ bee

If you want to lean to speak mopan try and pronounce these words and sentence.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Mayan tradition

maya tradition

there are three maya in belize the keqchi, mopan, yucatek the mopa make plantation to earn a living they also grow cocoa the cocoa is used as money. most of the farmer grow beans rice corn. the mopan food is mostly beans, tortilla with caldo chicken and the qeq’chi food is mostly puch with beans. the may mopan has its own culture as well as the qeq’chi the mopan the mopan dance marimba and the qeq’chi dance harp.the mayas are the first inhabitance of Belize the were here before the Spaniards came to central America. the mayas mostly find there food in the jungle. The mayas use the horse to carry loads in there farm. the qeq’chi belive that we were made out of cornbecause there are four color of the corn we have the red the black corn, white, and the yellow corn in the maya tradition there are maya healer. In Belize you can find the mayas mostly in Toledo. It is belive that most of our ancestor came from Guatemala. In maya Cosmo vision there are four color we have the white which signified the air, blue which signified the water, red which signified the sun and the green which signified the earth where we are living. The mayas also have a Mayan calendar that tells the meaning of the day each day have its positive and negative. There are twenty days in one month. the mayas also has there own Mayan number.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Holiday Vacation

My name is john Pop attending Tumul K'in high school. on my two days of my holiday I went with my brother to help him to chop under his cocoa patch we went at about eight o’clock in the morning because it was raining my two brother came along and my father too came with us we chop for about two hours when my brother called my father he say that he saw a big poisonous snake we hurried to the snake we saw the snake under the small bushes my father told us to get a big stick we get the stick . My father told us not to come any closer because its dangerous so we make sure no dog goes near the snake because if the get bite by the snake they will surly die. when we got the stick my father knocked the snake on its back an the snake never went away. when the snake was completely dead my brother measure it its about five feet. My brother told us that the snake was a few feet away from him he saw the bush moved and he tried to see what makes it move when he is getting closer the snake jumped and he got very frightened. my brother threw the snake in the bush. we chopped for about thirty min after that then we went home to eat for lunch. When we got home we eat and then we rest this happened to us on Saturday and un Sunday we all went to church. in the church there are many good news of God that is been spread to all people when the church is over we all walked home together with all my family. in the afternoon we eat for lunch then I went to give some water to my horse. then after that we get our machete and our dogs and went along with my brother to take a walk in the bush. I took my slingshot with me along because I like to stone small bird with it. When there is nothing more that we can do we got home to prepare to go to the church in the evening along the way we met some friend that told us to go and play foot ball but we told then that we don’t play foot ball we only agreed to watch then play. Some times we got tired of watch then we took a walk around the school compound after that we get to church and roll home we also go and watch television along the way there we enjoy watching. When the movie is over we go home to eat for dinner. after dinner we go to bed. to dream and enjoy the night, that’s all I do on my two days holiday thanks then we are told by our teacher to stop so we just have to do so as we are told bye. I will write more next time.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Tumul K'in Information

Name: John Pop Class: 2nd Form

School: Tumul K’in Date: 10th/1/07

On my three weeks holiday I helped my father to chop for the beans patch and helped him pant it. We start to chop about 7am and finished about 3pm. My 3 brother also comes along. Some times when we finished early we cut some fire wood to take home. When we reached at home we take our rest or some times we listen to nice music or we even play some game.

What I do on Christmas day

On Christmas day I and my family went to church. In church there are some nice songs that I herd. After they to sing the Pastor started to preach some good news of God. When the church is over the pastor told the people that every body is invited to eat in the church kitchen. I and my brother went to eat; we ate rice, beans with chicken. When every thing is over we went home to bar B Q our chicken that we had season the day before Christmas. My father invited my brother and my sister that have their own family to come and celebrate the Christmas with us. We started the fire and when there is enough coal we put it under the grill. When every thing was cooked and the flour tortilla is ready my mom served our food and I eat happily with my family. When every thing is over I feel happy because I want to see my friend at Tumul K’in. I spend my Christmas and my New Year holiday very perfect. I hope you did spend your one happily.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Story about Tumul K'in.

My name is John Pop, I live in the beautiful village in San Jos. I am14 years old and I am attending an Agriculture school in Blue Creek called Tumul K’in it is located in Toledo the door is open for young student who are interesting. I love to play football and volleyball. I also love to watch action movies. here in Tumul K’in I am learning a lot both practically and theory. I love this school because there’s a lot that it can offer us.

Each class has something to do during practical, the first year deal with the sheep and gardening. The second formers deals with the poultry production and pigs. the third years deals with bees and they also attends wood work during practical while the fourth and the fifth year work in the food processing lab, so each class have something to do during practical which is from 6:30-9:30 am. I love practical because we see and do thing with our hands because with out practical we could understand what it is really about.

This my blog we are doing this for our computer class so that people around the world could know about our story, what is going on here in Blue Creek Toledo.

Thanks John Pop.

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